A Reflect Image
 Again therefore Jesus spake unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life
John 1:5


Compilation of Lasered Thoughts of experiences through one's life ,involving  musical, artistical-writings in expression. Giving examples of Spectrums of Lights,Travels and Creations of it left along the Journey to and Back to Source,--Purelight.   Explaining what Really is, as what some ,(theologians) (Scientists) whom perceive it to be.
My name is Cal Shummon,To my Spirit's that Guided Me all Life to This Truth- ,Protected Me,Promoted the Goodness within Me,While Assisting in the Never-Ending Battle of Earth,in constant lessons of infusement of the Most Powerful Armor-To be able to Reject all of Damaged Light and It's Chosen Leader of It-Which is  that of Out of the Darkness is the Light and what Spectrums of Light appear to be Light-That Out of the Light,leading to the Darkness.
All of Pure-Light Source's Light
Realizing All that A part of Pure-Light's Source,Have unlimited Beauty and Creative Energy and Power,Just as the Photon Escaping the Son-As to us to Know True-Light-taught by it's Energy of it's Son.
JC of PL=E 
Lasered Thought
The traveled to earthly energized some amongst the destructive Gamma Ray.Sped through Energy of seemingly endless time,experienced of the Journey each Spirit of Us must fight.The Gift given to become,ONE of Loves CREATION, intention as Photon rising from the SUN,emerged as protected Pure Light,as a parable might be expressed from THE SON. Now earned this right and Holiest of previlege in becoming of the perfect bliss,the truth now lies at it's Core Of ,His forgiveness finally excepted -Ultimately now of Infinity exists, Peace, LOVE and serenity within IT......Love to all..Amen. https://m.soundcloud.com/cal-shummon/one-sailors-dream